Les Roches Brings Together the World's Leading Experts in Space and Underwater Tourism to Analyze the Challenges this Emerging Sector will Face in the Next Decade

  • SUTUS 2021 will bring together national and international leaders to discuss the two greatest future challenges of luxury tourism: the cosmos and subaquatic world.  Among the participating speakers are Sam Scimemi (NASA), Bernard Foing (ESA), Tony Gannon (Space Florida) Hiroko Ajusakura (JAXA), Fabien Cousteau (Proteus), Aaron Olivera (Earth300) and Héctor Salvador (Tritón Submarines)
  • The congress will be presented in a hybrid format (in-person and online) that begins September 22nd at Les Roches, one of the top hotel management universities in the world and internationally recognized by the tourism industry. Registration is now open at www.sutusummit.com 
  • What is the next step in private space travel? Is it possible to grow plants on the moon? How are non-professional, private astronauts trained? Is it possible to live underwater? What archaeological treasures do our oceans contain? These are just some of the questions that will be answered at SUTUS 2021

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The pioneering event on space and underwater tourism, which brings together the main international space agencies and private ventures, will celebrate its second edition at Les Roches’ from September 22nd to 24th, coinciding with the autumn equinox and in hybrid format, with one full day of face-to-face presentations and two additional days of virtual sessions.

SUTUS 2021, under the title “Tourism Beyond Natural Borders”, is a unique event, organized by
 Les Roches, one of the most important in the world together with Medina Media Events.

This edition will feature renowned international and national professionals from the aerospace industry together with officials from NASA, ESA, and JAXA. During the three-day conference speakers and panels will discuss, among other current issues, private travel to space and the private capital ventures working to make the dream reality alongside more scientific research into areas like agriculture on other planets. Upon returning to Earth, participants at SUTUS will dive into the world of subaquatic tourism, where marine archaeologists, diving experts and intrepid explorers will show them this unexplored world.

In addition, the Les Roches’ campus will also host a demo area where innovative projects related to tourism from different national and international companies will be exhibited, such as the emergency shelter designed by ESA, a zeppelin floating over the campus, an educational project by The City of the Stars which consists of a 4×6 meter portable planetarium that forms part of a virtual reality walk through the solar system.

Carlos Díez de la Lastra, Managing Director of Les Roches Marbella, said “SUTUS was born to become a benchmark for luxury tourism. For this new edition of SUTUS, there’s no better place than Les Roches, a hotel management training school and benchmark of quality education both inside and outside our borders, to collaborate with this exciting project”.

In this second edition, and through the platform by Medina Media Events that has been used in the 4K-HDR Summit, the 5GForum and Extenda Global, virtual assistants and registered companies will be able to follow all the sessions via live streaming and have B2B meetings between them and the speakers.

In-person participation, due to anti-Covid measures, will be restricted to speakers, institutions, sponsors, VIP attendees and the media.

Through the website www.sutusummit.com you can register and access the official program. SUTUS is an opportunity to listen to keynote speakers talk about the most ambitious challenges of the emerging space and underwater tourism sectors and to share knowledge and business opportunities.


Anouck Weiss, VP Communication, media@sommet-education.com



SOURCE Les Roches